Candy Canes and Square1 Printable

Hi all,

Well I have made my first Christmas Decoration–Candy Canes using Square1 Masterpiece Printable-see more info here The printable material is also removable.   The candy canes were a freebie from Miss Kate Cuttables.  I used the print and cut feature on my Cameo and the  silhouette DE vinyl setting to cut it out.  They peeled off their backing easily. When the holidays are over, I can remove them from the candle holders and save them for next year.  It is important to keep the backing sheet so you can place them back on it for storage.candycanes candle20141118_164733 candycane candle holder20141118_164743

Square1Printable Rainbow Dash Shirt

Hi all,

I finished my granddaughter’s Rainbow Dash Shirt for her birthday.  I used the Square1 printable material.  I love Square1.  I designed the shirt with my Cameo using the Designer Edition.  I then colored the shapes in using the paint bucket.  I sized the image to 71/2 and printed it out–using registration marks.  Make sure you print on the fabric side-shiny side goes down on the mat.  I then cut it out with my Cameo.  I used the settings for cotton fabric, blade 5 and double cut.  All I had to do then was iron it onto the shirt.  You can find out more about Square1 here    Square1 is a safe alternative to vinyl.   I can’t wait to give my granddaughter the shirt.Rainbow Dash shirt2014-06-03 20.06.54

Square1 Printable Iron On

Hi all,

 I made these cute shirts for my grandchildren using Square1 Printable Iron On.  I love the Square1 products. You can find out more about it here .  I designed the images using the Sillhouette DE and the print and cut feature of my Cameo.  I washed the shirts first and ironed them.  Then I printed my design, using my home printer,  cut them out with my Cameo and then ironed  the images onto the shirts.  It is that easy.  The heat of the iron sets the ink.  They are washable and can be put in dryer on low heat.  
George superboy shirt2014-04-30 17.44.31Allie sister shirt2014-04-30 17.44.39Claudia shirt2014-04-30 17.44.21Juliana shirt2014-04-30 17.44.06Allie and George shirts2014-04-30 17.43.33

Diaper Cake Baby Boy

Hi all,

I made a Diaper Cake for a Baby Boy for a shower I am going to tomorrow.  The theme of the shower is whales.  I used a box of 76 diapers, 6 pairs of socks, 8 onesies, pair of shorts,a couple of bibs and bottles of Dreft, A&D ointment, baby wash, first aid kit and more.  I made several little whales that I  attached to the bottles from Square1 repositionable  printable material.  They can be removed and used again. I used the same whales on the gift tag and as a decoration on a gift bag filled with little books.  It took quite a bit of time to make the cake but I think it came out cute.  You can find out more about SQ1 here

Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.43.35 Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.43.46 Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.43.56 Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.44.31 Diaper cake2014-04-24 16.38.28

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