Diaper Cake Baby Boy

Hi all,

I made a Diaper Cake for a Baby Boy for a shower I am going to tomorrow.  The theme of the shower is whales.  I used a box of 76 diapers, 6 pairs of socks, 8 onesies, pair of shorts,a couple of bibs and bottles of Dreft, A&D ointment, baby wash, first aid kit and more.  I made several little whales that I  attached to the bottles from Square1 repositionable  printable material.  They can be removed and used again. I used the same whales on the gift tag and as a decoration on a gift bag filled with little books.  It took quite a bit of time to make the cake but I think it came out cute.  You can find out more about SQ1 here  http://shop.square1masterpiece.com/?Click=657

Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.43.35 Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.43.46 Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.43.56 Diaper cake2014-04-22 12.44.31 Diaper cake2014-04-24 16.38.28


  1. Super cute!

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